How to through the long winter?

The problem of freezing hands in winter makes many people feel worried and sad. Not to mention the unsightly and uncomfortable, but even more lightly manifested as swelling and itching. In severe cases, cracks and ulcers may occur. In the case of cold hands, the degree of injury can be divided into the following three degrees: it once appeared purple or blue, accompanied by swelling, and itching and pain will appear when it is warm. The second degree is the condition of severe freezing, the tissue is damaged, there will be blisters on the basis of erythema, and there will even be fluid leakage after the blister is broken. The third degree is the most serious, and necrosis caused by freezing leads to the formation of ulcers.


1. Take measures to keep warm

In cold weather, keeping warm is the most important thing. For cold hands, it is necessary to choose comfortable and warm gloves. Of course, remember that the gloves should not be too tight, otherwise it is not conducive to blood circulation.

2. Frequently massage hands and feet
When massaging the palm of the palm, make a fist with one hand and rub the palm of the other hand until you feel a slight warmth in the palm of the palm. Then change to the other hand. When massaging the palm of the foot, rub the palm of your hand quickly until it feels hot. Often such massaging of hands and feet has a good effect on improving the microcirculation of the end blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

3. Maintain a regular diet
In addition to supplementing the vitamins needed by the body, eat more high-protein and high-calorie foods such as nuts, eggs, chocolate, and avoid the intake of raw and cold foods. Strengthen body heat through food to resist the invasion of the outside cold.

4. Do exercises frequently
In winter, we must pay particular attention to avoid prolonged sitting for a long time. Appropriate exercise strengthens the physique and also helps regulate the body temperature. In order to prevent freezing hands, the upper limbs need to bIf you don’t have a hand warmer right now. Here, we pick a few typical and popular winter drinks, telling the stories behind them and offering recipes so you can have a taste yourself.
1.Mulled wine with cranberries (Europe)
Mulled wine is a lovely drink for the winter holiday season, especially around Christmas.
Warming a sachet of fragrant mulling spices in some cider or wine will take you to beverage heaven. Just the smell of the mixture simmering on the stove will bring an instant holiday atmosphere to the home. Wine was first recorded as a spiced, hot beverage in the first century. Mulled wine with cranberries has a sweet, spicy and comforting taste. The cranberry juice gives it a nice tangy flavor. It’s recognized as the best drink to serve guests as they come in from the cold.
Cranberry juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks, star anise, red wine, fresh cranberries
Combine the cranberry juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks and star anise in a large saucepan. Simmer for 15 minutes.
Stir in the wine and cranberries and simmer again. Serve warm.
Hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows (worldwide)
Ponche (Mexico)
Ponche is a warm tropical-fruit punch, traditionally enjoyed in Mexico during Christmas time.
The base of Mexican ponche consists of piloncillo, a dark brown unrefined cane sugar, mixed with water and cinnamon sticks. Adding guavas and tejocotes, orange-like fruits with an apple-pear taste, is a must. The tejocote’s soft flesh turns almost creamy while soaking in the ponche. Guavas add the right amount of tang and citrusy perfume.
It’s also possible to add other winter fruits, like apples, oranges, raisins or walnuts.
Water, cinnamon sticks, tejocotes, guavas, apples, sugar cane, piloncillo, rum or brandy (optional)
Boil the tejocotes and cinnamon sticks in water until the tejocotes are soft.
Remove the fruit from the pot, let it cool and then peel the skin off. Slice the tejocotes and remove the seeds.
Place the tejocotes back into the pot of cinnamon-water and add the remaining ingredients. Simmer the mixture for at least 30 minutes.
To serve the ponche, remove the cinnamon sticks and ladle it directly into mugs, making sure to include the chunks of cooked fruit.e more active.

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