WC – 005 Wireless Car Charger Mount Stand Qi Fast Charging For iPhone

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Magnetic charging anytime, anywhere
This wireless car charger is designed to make good use of MagSafe technology in iPhone 12 series above devices. Provides fast charging of up to 7.5W of power for iPhone 12 in the car, allowing you to maintain power at any time. The phone can be easily placed in place every time, and it can be clamped by magnetic force when placed with one hand. You can view the screen settings playlist in portrait mode, and then switch to landscape mode to use GPS map navigation without interfering with charging.

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Product Detail

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Magnetic Car Charger


Black and White




9V/2A, 5V/2A, 12V/1.67A


15W, 10W, 7.5W

Input Port

Type C

QC Control

100% tested before shipping




Retail Package or customized package


10W fast wireless charging
Get up to 10W convenient wireless charging. Whether you are streaming, using map navigation or answering the phone, you can continue to charge at the same time, so that you can be fully charged when you step.
The magnet is aligned and clamped in one shot
This magnetic wireless car charger is equipped with a powerful magnet, which can firmly absorb the iPhone 12 series device without fear of bumps or turns. The sturdy base and the air outlet clamp frame ensure that your air-conditioning air outlet clamp frame is always firmly in place.
Can be used vertically or horizontally
Set up the playlist in a vertical position, and then switch to horizontal position to view the GPS application. When you need it, you will always have a clear vision of security.
Seamless connection, put and go. Just place the iPhone 12 series device on the holder and you are ready to go.
Compatible with the original MagSafe protective case
If you use the original MagSafe mobile phone protective case, there is no need to remove the protective case. This magnetic wireless car charger can also be charged in place.

Product Description

WC - 005 H
WC - 005 G
WC - 005 F
WC - 005 E
WC - 005 D
WC - 005 C
WC - 005 B
WC - 005 A

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